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Sony launches eco-friendly wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are no new to tech gadgets.

Various tech companies are dipping their toes in testing, developing, and introducing new gadgets.

Among several other companies, Sony has now introduced its wireless earbuds.

Recently, new wireless earbuds set, Earth Blue in color has been revealed by Sony. The new product with its beautiful color is considered the most comfortable pair of wireless earbuds anyone could have.

LinkBuds S is the new and classy earbuds introduced by Sony.

But the question here is why the new earbuds are blue in color.

Why did Sony choose this color for its LinkBuds S? Doesn’t it fascinate you? Is it only for an intriguing look or it holds a proper reason behind it?

The LinkBuds S holds eco-friendly credentials. As they are made from recycled material from water dispensers. Thus, giving the finished product a nice and beautiful blue marbled effect.

In addition to this big step towards ecology and climate, Sony aims to support the Earth Blue model. It states that it will contribute its support and help to the US nonprofit Conservation International. Thus non-profit organization deals with ocean conservancy work. Moreover, Sony assured that it will donate $2 from each Sony LinkBuds S sale in Japan and Europe.  

This recent step follows that the models and charging cases of its new LinkBuds S are based on recycled materials. This recycled material combines plastic car parts and stone. Thus, generating a material that could itself be recycled. Furthermore, the packaging is also based on an eco-friendly strategy. The new LinkBuds S are shipped using Unprinted, unbleached, and plastic-free packaging.  

If you desire to have wireless earbuds by Sony. You have an idea that you will be contributing your efforts to help save the planet. Even if you don’t consider buying the new LinkBuds S by Sony you still know how eco-friendly this product is. Specifically, when you compare it with other such products in the market.

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