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Apple unveils refurbished iCloud for web

With the release of new Apple devices, Apple is debuting new hardware. Additionally, with the development of new devices, software updates are also introduced. These software updates are available for iOS 16.1, iPadOS 16.1, and macOS Ventura.

Besides all these updates and new developments, Apple still managed to introduce changes to the web version of iCloud. A new redesign with a fresh and light look is now made available to the users.

The new iCloud update is available on the iCloud beta website. Previously, the older version of the iOS website was a bulky one. Comparatively, the new one looks completely different.

The iCloud website on the desktop is on its way to of some the latest updates. The new beat version showcases tailored interfaces and widgets. The desktop website of Apple is accessible to anyone using a web browser. Additionally, the desktop website has undergone several revamps and refits over the years. Beta is the current and latest version of the desktop website. It presents an all-new interface along with customizable options.

Here we will discuss the new interface in brief.

When a user logs in to the new website various of the widgets showing details are visible. These widgets include Apple Mail, iCloud Drive, photos, and iCloud profile. A large button is located at the bottom of the screen. This button enables the users to add, rearrange the widgets or even remove them. For instance, you can use other iCloud services like iWork and notes as well. This depends on the users. whatever they prefer and choose.

The iCloud Home page holds the widgets that grant the users access to the respective app’s web page. The home page on the beta version of the website can be accessed by tapping the Apple logo in the top left corner of the display screen.

As we know Apple is busy with the latest developments and updates to its services. In this scenario, another source mentions that Apple is going to change its strategy of pricing. Some of its services might be priced higher as of now. These particularly refer to Apple TV Plus and Apple Music services. It is anticipated that a two-dollar hike in the pricing of Apple TV Plus and a one-dollar increment in the pricing of Apple Music services will be introduced. However, even if you refer to this step as a major change in delivering the services you should consider that prices for Apple Music services have not changed since 2015.

This bold move by Apple could affect how other companies charge their customers. What is further we have no idea. But for sure we can’t lose our comfort beside such hikes. Specifically, when inflation is hitting all areas of our lives.

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