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Elon Musk Visits Twitter Headquarters Carrying a Sink

Elon Musk Sink

Elon Musk is likely to complete the takeover of Twitter this week, but there are clear signs of that. The clearest thing: Musk visited Twitter headquarters – and brought with him a serious “argument” in the truest sense of the word.

The Tesla and SpaceX boss announced the Twitter purchase last spring and also signed it, but Musk got cold feet a little later and wanted to call off the deal. However, he recently reconsidered and will buy the short message service as agreed.

Insiders report that the 44 billion deal should be signed and sealed by tomorrow. And that’s probably actually the case: Musk paid a visit to Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco yesterday – and showed a penchant for actionism. Because the soon-to-be boss of the social network had a real sink with him.

Heavy Wordplay?

Musk himself posted a video of the action on Twitter and wrote: “Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!” Translated, this means something like “Enter the Twitter headquarters – let it sink in!” This is of course a play on words, because “sink in” means “let sink”, but “sink” is also the English word for washbasin.

It is questionable whether the Twitter workforce will be impressed by such activism because Musk previously announced that he wanted to lay off 75 percent of the employees. As the New York Times reports, he wants to complete various meetings on Twitter by tomorrow.

In one of them, the 51-year-old is said to have assured the employees that he does not intend to lay off three-quarters of the employees after all. The Washington Post had previously found out that Musk is said to have made this announcement to investors, but this was immediately denied by Twitter itself. The company currently has about 7500 employees.

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