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Sony Made Several Changes To The Redesigned PS5

PlayStation AI Upscaling

The recently emerged revised Sony PlayStation 5 may bring a problem for many buyers – because Sony is now saving on the console’s cooling capacity, of all things. That makes it more profitable for the group and “hotter” for the user.

We only reported on the revised PS5 model at the beginning of the week – and now it is clear how the weight differences between the versions come together. As reported, there is a good 300 grams between the new revision of the PS5 and the original model, 300 grams, which makes the new console lighter than the previous version. It has already been suspected that Sony has fundamentally changed materials or removed parts that led to the weight reduction.

New model disassembled into individual parts

So what the weight differences are was a mystery, but tech YouTuber Austin Evans got it right. He unpacked the new PS5, which had just arrived from Japan, and then took it apart. Some heavily changed designs came to light. Evans tweeted:

“So I got my hands on one of the updated CFI-1100B models of the PS5. The full video just went live, but …

  • Dissipated heat at the rear 3-5 ° C higher
  • Weighs 0.3 kg or 0.6 LBS less
  • The heat sink is MUCH smaller
  • Has a slightly redesigned fan
  • Improved stand

Better than the previous one?

Evans left no doubt that he thinks the changes will be negative for users: “Essentially, the updated PS5 that is currently on the market is cheaper to manufacture with much less cooling capacity. There are minor internal changes to the wifi card and the antennas, but … for now, the first-introduced PS5 seems like the better console. ” It is not yet clear how much the new design and, above all, the new heat generation will affect the performance. But we will certainly report on it as soon as there are real comparison tests.

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