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Sony Patents PS5 Pro With Dual GPUs And Cloud Gaming

PlayStation AI Upscaling

The PS5 has not yet really started its life cycle due to poor availability for many, as Sony is already working on the ideas for upcoming PlayStations. A patent shows a console that can do more with different GPU structures or power from the cloud .

The PlayStation 5 definitely still has a few good years ahead of it, and of course, Sony is currently emphasizing that no version with better hardware can be promised. Behind the scenes, however, the company is of course working on ideas on how to continue writing the story of the PlayStation. Now the company has published a design with the World Intellectual Property Organization that gives a glimpse into a possible future of the Ps5 Pro.

As Tweaktown writes in its analysis of the protective letter, it largely corresponds to a patent that Sony first filed in 2019, but is now being updated and protected worldwide. Accordingly, the company deals in the document with a whole range of designs that would be conceivable for future consoles. As always, such writings are hypothetical approaches that may never be used.

Multi-GPU structure

Sony sees great potential in a console that is equipped with multiple GPUs. The developers describe, among other things, the possibility of different hardware structures: once in a combination of SoC and a second GPU, once as a system that relies on two SoCs or APUs. The company takes a lot of time to describe different memory configurations but admits that multi-GPU configurations bring their own problems that have to be solved.

Last but not least, it describes ways to provide users with more computing power via the cloud. “By paying additional fees, a user can be assigned more chips (and thus more APUs) on a cloud server, while users with weaker payments are only assigned a single chip,” says the patent. These ideas could also be relevant for the current PlayStation 5. In the current generation of consoles at Sony, “Pro” may simply mean a subscription for more performance.

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