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Sony reports record operating profit thanks to strong PS5 sales

Sony’s fiscal year came to an end with the March quarter’s successful conclusion. Notably, the company exceeded its own projection. According to reports, Sony reported a record operating profit of 1.21 trillion JPY ($8.9 billion, converted). Sales for Sony’s upcoming fiscal year, which ends in March 2024, are anticipated to be close to 11.5 trillion JPY, or approximately the same as this year.

One of the main factors behind these outstanding sales is the PlayStation 5 which contributed significantly to that success. The previous year’s sales were impacted by supply chain problems. In contrast to the 11.5 million sold in the previous fiscal year, Sony sold a record 19.1 million consoles in the current fiscal year. By March 2024, Sony aims to sell 25 million units within this fiscal year. The PlayStation 5 is getting close to 40 million sales for Sony.

On the other hand, the Mobile Communications segment experienced a 2.5% decline in sales, falling to JPY356.8 billion ($2.62 billion). However, the company has not shared any details about a precise count of the number of smartphones sold. In contrast, the gaming segment of the company announced JPY3.64 trillion ($27.3 billion) in revenue.

Sony announces record operational profit following strong PS5 sales. Besides the strong PS5 sales, the semiconductor division of the company was the other significant gainer. Revenue for Sony’s image sensor division was JPY212.2 billion ($1.56 billion). It is 36% more than the previous year. However, Sony anticipates a 5.7% decline in revenue from imaging chips in the current fiscal year as a result of sluggish demand, particularly from Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

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