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Researchers develop an OLED display with a keypad that is inflatable

Physical keyboards have been replaced by touch panels over the curse of the previous few years. The tactile keyboard on current smartphones is arguably one of the features that users miss. In the past, BlackBerry devices were so well-admired because they provided an unmatched typing experience. The Future Interfaces Group has been developing a solution for the past 15 years, and they recently made a substantial advancement.
The new technology is known as Flat Panel Haptics. It uses inflatable buttons to deliver tactile feedback on a flat surface. The FPH has an embedded electro-osmotic pump. It is 5 millimeters thick. The fluid pushes onto the flexible screen surface using tiny pumps. These pumps are turned on by an electrical current. In this way, a stiff button that is 5 millimeters thick is created.

The prototype FIG shown in the video utilizes a soft silicone surface. It is used in combination with an OLED panel. It appears quite similar to the current foldable smartphones. Beyond just physical keyboards, the surface’s ability to inflate and deflate on command has many practical applications. For example, the display can enlarge an app icon or specific UI component to aid blind users in navigating.

Researchers have reported a number of technical shortcomings in the study that was published. One of them is the stated buttons’ short lifespan. Furthermore, the system’s thickness and energy requirements for operation are some other problems. Due to their tendency for being larger and having larger batteries, tablets may be the first devices to use the new technology.

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