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Sony is presently working on the PS5 Pro, planned for release in 2024

Sony introduced the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition back in 2020. Since then, users have been waiting for the PS5 Pro version. Previously, the company introduced a Pro version of the PS4 series followed by a gap of a few years. for this reason, the arrival of the PS5 Pro is much awaited. Recently, a report from Insider Gaming emerged. Tom Henderson [Insider Gaming] reported that PS5 Pro is going to launch in 2024.

This year, in Fall, it would be officially three years since the release of PS5. Unfortunately, there is no Pro model until now. However, the report suggests that the next year’s timeline is a tentative date. We can expect things to change. The company could go for an early release or could push the date further.

The report shares information regarding the development of PS5 pro. However, there is no indication of the specs or hardware details. Besides this, Sony has documented a new patent that indicates improvements in the ray tracing effects. Particularly, Mark Cerny who is the PS5 architect has filed the patent document. It has been referred to as “System And Method For Accelerated Ray Tracing” and “System And Method For Accelerated Ray Tracing With Asynchronous Operation And Ray Transformation.”

Well, this information suggests that the company is working on introducing improvements to the ray tracing effects. Such improvements will be reflected in graphics as well. Just as witnessed with the PS4 Pro in contrast to the PS4. In addition to this, there is also a possibility that Sony could introduce another PS5 for 2023 besides the Pro model. If this happens, then it would be a substitute for the standard model.

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