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Sony’s Lytia image sensors will be used in upcoming OPPO flagship devices

Oppo A55s

According to some recent pieces of information, OPPO and Sony have declared a strategic partnership. As a part of this partnership, Oppo’s future flagship smartphones will benefit from Sony’s Lytia image sensors. These sensors are basically dual-layer stacked sensors. According to OPPO, these sensors will provide a new arena for computational photography.

These sensors consist of separate photodiode and transistor layers that provide physically large diodes. In this way, each sensor can capture more light, even in low-light conditions. A few months ago, Vivo and Sony signed a similar partnership. Reportedly, the Vivo X100 series will feature CMOS sensors by Sony. There is no information on which Oppo smartphone will feature Sony’s image sensors.

Vivo and Sony signed a similar deal

We already know that fact that Vivo and OPPO are sister companies that are owned by BBK Electronics. Sony unveiled its flagship Sony Xperia 1V earlier this year. It features the IMX888 sensor. It is basically a stacked CMOS sensor with 2-layer transistor pixel technology. Sony intends to design two more sensors with a similar design. They will possibly be the IMX903 and IMX907. It is anticipated that both Vivo and OPPO might utilize one of these sensors.

Smartphone photography keeps evolving

There is no end to smartphone photography since it keeps evolving. The landscape of smartphone photography changed with the introduction of 1-inch camera sensors. Xiaomi used the camera sensor in its Xiaomi 13 Ultra with a 2-stop variable aperture setup. In contrast to Xiaomi, Huawei offers a 10-stop setup; however, it doesn’t include a 1-inch camera sensor.

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