Vivo and Sony collaborated to develop a new image sensor

Recently, Sony and Vivo teamed up to create a new image sensor. Reportedly, the new image sensor is designed for the forthcoming Vivo X100 series. In simple words, you can say that the sensor would be used in the company’s upcoming leading smartphones.

Vivo and Sony collaborated to design a new image sensor for Vivo’s flagship smartphones

According to some pieces of information, the LYT800 sensor has been modified for use in this new camera. The sensor is based on the stacked design of Sony. This design divides the photodiodes and the transistors into two layers for reading them. Let us simplify it so our audience can understand it better.

The new sensor has the ability to feature improved low-light performance just like a 1-inch sensor. Basically, the Lytia LYT800 is a 1/1.43-inch sensor. It is a 53MP unit. Besides partnering with Sony, Vivo also teamed with Zeiss for another lens. Reportedly, both companies worked out the Vario-Apo-Sonner telephoto lens that will be used in Vivo’s upcoming smartphones. As per the information, the lens features a floating design. Such a design helps the camera to focus on objects that are in close vicinity.

The partnership between Vivo and Zeiss is not new. Both companies have collaborated for several years now. Vivo has used the optics created by Zeiss in a variety of its smartphones, specifically the high-end ones. Now, the companies have extended the partnership with the forthcoming Vivo X100 series.

Recently, Vivo debuted the V3 ISP

In addition to this, just recently the smartphone company Vivo unveiled the Vivo V3 ISP. It is a 6nm chip that features improved post-processing as well as video recording capabilities up to 4K in portrait mode.

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