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Soon it will be a lot easier to manage multiple files on Google drive

Google Drive

Most of the time, we continue to upload data to drives and leave it to be arranged later. This data is difficult to organize as a whole. Most likely, that’s not a problem anymore. Google is working on a new feature that will allow users to select multiple files and rearrange them. This will make it a lot easier to manage multiple files at once.

This latest feature was discovered in the backup application of the cloud and will be available on Drive quite soon. This latest feature will make it quite handy to perform a single operation over multiple files. This will make it quite convenient to organize, share, download, or delete multiple files at once. Also, organizations or companies that are using it as their workspace will find it pretty convenient.

A multi-selection toolbar is available on Google Drive

Along with this feature, many other features are being introduced to improve the user experience. These minor updates will make quite a lot of difference in making the application even more useful.

Google, for example, intends to expand the content available through its services. Google is aiming to add a simpler, more streamlined UI that will imply the most preferred tools from its services, which will help with simpler experiences with tools you know and love. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are also getting a makeover.

A new search chip is being added as an additional option that will make it a lot easier to search files and data. Through this search bar option, you can search for your data based on your life type, files you modified last, and files that are shared with you. This option will make it a lot easier to differentiate and search documents by document type.

Google Drive has about 1 million users, which makes it a vital collection for the company. Google Drive is a top option for businesses and individuals looking for a secure file storage service because of its excellent interoperability, connection with other Google services, and security features. Users of some messaging services, including WhatsApp, can also store backups on Google Drive.

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