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Google Podcast And YouTube Music Podcast will work as two separate apps

It was recently reported that we will soon be able to listen to podcasts via YouTube music. For the company, this was an excellent opportunity to enter the competitive podcast market. Other than our expectations, Google has made an announcement that it will not be merging with YouTube Music Podcast.

YouTube Music has been making efforts since 2021 to update its services as a podcasting platform. Kai Chuck was brought in to head the project. However, it took some time before everything was revealed. Another step taken towards this agenda was launching a podcast page that was able to suggest popular podcasts along with recommendations based on your listening history.

We learned last week that podcasts have been added to YouTube Music. The news wasn’t sudden, of course; it was the result of long-term efforts. In comparison to Google Play Music, YouTube Music was a replacement for it, other than the fact that there weren’t any options for listening to podcasts. People were using the Google Podcast app as an alternate that was introduced in 2018.

Google Podcasts and YouTube will not merge

Google, as a massive technology company, sometimes runs multiple services of the same type at the same time. Later, these quite similar services will be merged by the company. But it’s different in the current case. As per information from 9to5Google, as announced by Google, it’ll not be merging Google Podcasts with YouTube Podcasts.

This concept could be very useful for those who were having difficulty deciding between Google Play Music and YouTube Music. YouTube music has recently grown in popularity, though some users still prefer Google Play Music. There are some features that aren’t supported with YouTube music.

In spite of this situation, it will be a great idea to keep these two applications separate as it could cause the same trouble for users. Despite the fact that YouTube is owned by Google, it does things differently than Google. So it’s a great deal to let these two applications work separately.

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