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Gmail has added improvements to multitasking designs on foldable devices

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For those who are utilizing a foldable Android handset, Google has released a slightly modified viewing experience.

Gmail has made multitasking easier on foldable

As per information from Google Workspace post, for users of the email service on foldable phones, the company has launched a latest two-pane design. According to information via post, Google explains that it wants to create a “top-class” user experience for individuals using devices with larger screens, in this example, a book-folding phone like the Samsung Z Fold 4. Now that the look has been updated, device owners can have a more handy experience of multitasking. Owners of foldable phones will see their email list on the left side of the two-pane design, much like a non-foldable phone would see Gmail. An email will reveal the tap if it is sliding to the right side of the screen.

Numerous book-folding phones, including the Oppo Find N and Samsung’s Fold 4, are seen as being ideal for office professionals who want to multitask a little bit more easily. Gmail experience on these devices wasn’t that good before. With a non-folding smartphone, Gmail used to display as a stretched-out version of its normal self. Users with foldable phones should find it a little simpler to navigate their emails, reply, and send messages thanks to the two-pane design, as they won’t have to travel too far from their email list. Google has also added other services including Google Meet along with Google Chat, to this two-pane viewing.

Google began improvements to its email services in August of last year, towards the end of the summer. In addition to incorporating Google’s Material You design language, this new design combined other services within it make it user friendly along with the convenience of not to open other computer apps or tabs.

Also, Google’s decision to adapt its email interface for foldable phones is a great improvement, but it makes us consider its first foldable device, the Pixel Fold. While the release of the new smartphone is anticipated to occur in Q4 2023, new Pixel Fold-related reports have lately surfaced that speculate about the possibility of it having a larger battery than its rivals.

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