SpaceX Launches 60 More Satellites For Starlink Ultra-High-Speed Broadband Service

SpaceX Starlink

Elon Musk’s dream of global satellite broadband just came closer with 60 more successful launches of Starlink Satellites in Low Earth Orbit.

SpaceX has successfully launched Falcon 9 rocket on Wednesday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida the carrier took a batch of 60 Satellites that could become a mega constellation eventually. After minutes of launch, the first stage of the rocket successfully landed on a droneship in the Atlantic.

SpaceX postponed the mission several times during the month due to bad weather conditions. However, it is finally launched with great success. It is the fourth launch of a full batch of Starlink satellites. The group of satellites can be visible from earth various locations, especially during the sunrise and sunset.

The company plans to send Starlink mega-constellation of 42,000 satellites into space, according to the regulatory filings by the company. The latest launch makes a total of 242 satellites already reached the space.

SpaceX has also been working on Crew Dragon Capsule, which would be responsible for taking astronauts to the International Space Station later this year.

Starlink is working tirelessly to develop the world’s most advanced broadband system, which would be accessed eventually across the globe. The company plans to surpass the performance of traditional satellite internet, it will be a global high-speed, low latency broadband internet without the restrictions of ground infrastructure limitations.  

Starlink is mulling to launch the broadband service in the Northern U.S. and Canada by 2020 and expand it globally by 2021. Once launched, Starlink broadband service would be unmatched, ultra-high-speed and with low latency, accessible globally from any point on the earth.

The company has boasted the launch event on its twitter account, watch the video below;

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