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Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 Search Bar Bugs

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Microsoft has released update KB4532695 to Windows 10 addressing the problems and bugs in Windows 10 Search Bar.

The latest update fixes several bugs that were reported earlier in Windows 10 Search Bar. The bugs surfaced soon after Windows 10 v1909 was publicly released in November last year. There were several problems observed in the search bar including; unable to paste text using the right-click menu, unresponsive when clicked, unable to enter the text, and shows grey box without any reason and several more.

Additionally, the search box in the classic control panel interface also showed a grey box bug. Microsoft took less than two months to address these issues, the bugs were of medium priority because they did not pose any threat to users however, it was seriously affecting the user’s experience.

Microsoft has now released a patch to address all these problems; people will no longer face the above issues after installing the update, according to Microsoft. The company has also rolled out a patch for an earlier version of Windows 10 v 1903 to be on the safe side if the users are still using the previous version they should be able to get this update.

The company has also attached other functionalities with this update apart from removing the bugs from the system. The company has made an improvement to Windows Hello login function, improved the accuracy of face detection and improved the ability to the tile order when the start menu layout is locked as well as remove the USB-C, USB flash drive error reporting.

Microsoft’s Promptness

Though the company responded to these bugs within two months, the company has previously responded to security flaw quite quickly. National Security Agency the U.S. found a serious vulnerability in Microsoft Windows two weeks ago and reported it to Microsoft to take swift action. The company only took a few hours to release a security patch for the organizations and rolled out the update globally within days.