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Spartacus: Sony could introduce gaming flatrate next week

Sony could be launching a new subscription service soon. A report indicates that Project Spartacus will see the light of day next week. Users should be able to choose between three different plans. With Project Spartacus, electronics manufacturer Sony wants to compete with the Xbox Game Pass.

The game’s flat rate is available in three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. While the first tier includes all PlayStation Plus content, the second subscription brings with it many PS4 and PS5 titles. The third rate then includes classics that originally appeared on the old consoles PS1, PS2, and PS3. In addition, the most expensive subscription should offer the possibility to stream games over the Internet and download extensive demo versions.

While the first-rate is offered for $10 a month, the second rate is expected to cost $13 a month. The premium plan can cost $16 per month. A report from Bloomberg Sony plans to officially present the new subscription service in the coming week, according to Sony. Internal sources are said to have confirmed to Bloomberg that Project Spartacus will be unveiled soon. So far, Sony has not commented on the plans or given a date for an announcement event.

Comparison with the Game Pass is probably difficult

It is still unclear whether Sony’s offer can be compared with the Xbox Game Pass. While Microsoft offers some new titles that would be in the shops for 60 euros, Sony should not offer top games that have just been released, but mainly older games.

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