Spotify and OpenAI collaborate to translate podcasts automatically

The podcast business on Spotify is expanding at a rapid pace. However, the company is set to expand the reach of its business across different markets. According to some recent pieces of information, Spotify has collaborated with OpenAI. You might be wondering what’s new coming from this partnership. Well, Spotify will now provide automatically translated podcasts as a result of this partnership.

Well, this is one area where Spotify can expand its podcast business. With this new feature, the content will be available to a wider audience. As the details suggest, the tool will work on some immense AI capabilities to work this out. For this reason, the company collaborated with OpenAI. The audio in any podcast in any one language will be replaced with AI-generated voices in different languages. This is the same as the one worked out by YouTube.

Currently, the new feature is in the testing phase. Reportedly, the company is including some renowned podcast creators like Bill Simmons, Dax Shephard, and Steve Bartlett in the testing phase. There is no information on whether these tests will be performed on selected episodes or on the entire catalog. However, the initial reports suggest that the episodes will be translated into Spanish. In the upcoming weeks, the episodes will be released in French as well as German.

Besides translating the podcasts in different languages, the tool will be able to copy the speaker’s voice. The AI model will work by training itself on a few seconds of original audio from a creator. With this short training, it will be able to copy the original voice to an impressive level.

As of now, there is no clue about the reach and availability of the new feature. Perhaps it might arrive as part of a subscription plan or some kind of engagement threshold. Well, things will eventually become clear with time.

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