An AI dubbing tool is coming to YouTube

AI is expanding quickly and entering every sector of the tech industry. Nowadays, making an AI chatbot doesn’t seem to be enough. For this reason, companies are trying to maximize the potential of their services and products with the maximum use of generative AI tools.

The next in line to join the AI bandwagon is YouTube. Notably, the company is working on several new features. One feature is the new AI dubbing tool. The feature will work by taking the video’s audio and translating it into other languages.

YouTube is working on an AI dubbing tool

For the past few years, closed captions have been generated on YouTube videos automatically. In this way, the videos can be accessed by several users. Although it is quite handy, there is still a language barrier with this. The new tool will come to our rescue.

It takes the audio and dubs it via an AI-generated voice. With the help of this feature, users will be able to translate the videos into different languages, thus making the platform more accessible to users who speak a different language. It will eventually increase the views on any YouTube video. So, overall, the AI dubbing tool will be beneficial for both creators as well as viewers.

YouTube debuted a new video editor app

In an effort to help users post videos on YouTube, the company has debuted a mobile video editor named YouTube Create. It works similarly to other editing tools. You will find the basic editing tools, including adding effects, clips, transitions, music, and other relevant features to your videos. Currently, the app is in the beta testing phase. However, it can still be downloaded for free. The app will improve as time goes on.

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