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Spotify Camp Nou: becomes a sponsor of FC Barcelona

The FC Barcelona stadium is getting a new name. As part of a sponsorship deal with music streaming provider Spotify, the world-famous stadium in the heart of Barcelona will soon bear the sponsor’s name as a suffix. According to Spotify and FC Barcelona, ​​the two partners have agreed on far-reaching cooperation. Spotify will practically become the main sponsor of the football club for the next four seasons. The stadium will therefore soon be called ‘Spotify Camp Nou’.

Spotify will also become FC Barcelona’s shirt sponsor, meaning that the club’s players will have the streaming service’s logo on their shirts in the future. This applies to both the men’s and women’s teams at FC Barcelona. Spotify pays a lot to partner with the world-famous football club.

More than 280 million euros in 4 years

According to a report from the Spanish publication Sport the company pays FC Barcelona more than 280 million euros, although it could have given more money initially. Apparently, the club lacked so-called “registered fans”, who divulge more personal information. However, only about one million of FC Barcelona’s estimated 350 million fans worldwide are registered as such and can therefore be “directly” reached by Spotify’s marketing machine.

According to Spotify, they mainly want to use the collaboration with Spotify to “bring football and music together like never before”. Spotify initially did not provide further details about the plans, which are intended to “connect players and artists with fans around the world”. The company also wants to reach new target groups – so advertise its range even more widely and of course, also sell. By the way, the name change of the stadium in Barcelona will take place from July 2022.

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