Spotify Subscribers Can’t Pay Through the App Store Anymore

According to a report shared by Variety, Spotify will no longer permit users who previously paid for their subscriptions to its streaming music service through the App Store to do so in the future. The company has started notifying customers via email about the upcoming changes.

For the past seven years, Spotify has prohibited users from purchasing a Spotify Premium subscription through the App Store. However, Spotify subscriptions through the App Store were only offered for two years, from 2014 to 2016. Since then some devoted users have kept their Spotify memberships active through the App Store.

The company has mentioned in its emails that it won’t accept Apple’s billing service as a payment option in the future. The email states that We’re getting in touch with you because you subscribed to Spotify Premium through Apple’s billing system. Unfortunately, we will no longer accept payment using that billing method.

Customers who have a Spotify subscription through the App Store will have their accounts switched over to the free, ad-supported service after the last paying term. Following then, users will have to re-subscribe to Premium on the Spotify website.

Spotify offers no subscription method to the music streaming service via its app. The company has limited the signups to its website to prevent paying Apple’s charges. Spotify no longer wants to pay Apple’s 15 percent fee for consumers making payments through the App Store. The ‘Premium’ section of Spotify’s iOS app states that users can’t upgrade their subscription to Premium.

Since Spotify has long prohibited signups through the App Store, this change is unlikely to have a significant effect on the majority of users. On the other hand, the company is going to add music videos to its app soon.

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