Interested in deleting your threads profile? Then, delete your Instagram account

Facebook and Meta

Meta has officially introduced its alternative to Twitter. However, one thing to notice here is that users can’t delete their Threads profile until or unless they delete their Instagram account.

Threads is referred to as “Instagram’s text-based conversation app,” by Meta and that precise language has a reason. It doesn’t just imply that you can follow the same individuals you follow on Instagram and that your Instagram username will transfer over to Threads. Additionally, it implies that once you create a Threads profile, you cannot delete it without simultaneously deleting your Instagram account.

Well, users can temporarily deactivate their Threads profile in case they don’t wish to delete their Instagram account. This is the company’s tactic to engage users on both platforms. A rather explicit statement from Threads’ privacy policy is that “You can deactivate your Threads profile at any point, but your Threads profile can only be deleted by terminating your Instagram account.”

In conclusion, if a user is not interested in Threads profile, then they shouldn’t sign up for it. On the other hand, users can deactivate their Threads profile by following these steps:
1. Tap on the profile icon presented in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

2. Tap the menu icon located in the top right of your profile.

3. Click on the Account icon, then press Deactivate profile.

4. Press Deactivate Threads profile. Your profile will be deactivated.

After the deactivation of the Threads profile, posts and interactions with other content won’t be visible until or unless the profile is reactivated. However, the post will stay live on the platform unless a user manually deletes each post one by one. Users can reactivate the Threads profile by logging into the Threads app via their Instagram account. One thing to notice here is that users can only deactivate profiles once in a week.

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