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Spray Paint Can Now Turn Any Surface In To A Touchpad

Touchpads are limited to mobile phones, tablets and laptops? Oh no, not anymore. Researchers have now made it possible for you to turn almost any surface, having whatsoever size or shape, in to a touchpad. This new technology is called Electrick. It is invented by Carnegie Mellon University Researchers and it will be presented by the researchers in Denver in a conference this week.

It is extremely cheap, what is required is just some spray paint to make any surface a touch screen, as per Chris Harrison who is an assistant professor in the university.

The only trick is that you use conductive materials to smear electrically conductive coatings to any object or surface that you require to become a touch screen.  Now a very famous process, called electric field tomography is used to sense the placement of finger touch.

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It is a milestone achieved in the field of technology because before this discovery, large surface screens were not only expensive but also irregularly shaped. Now from a guitar to a steering wheel, anything can be turned in to a touch screen.

Image via: Daily Mail