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Squarespace now handles all of Google’s domains

In 2014, the tech giant Google introduced Google Domains. It debuted as a domain name registrar and a domain management service. As of now, some recent pieces of information shared by folks at 9To5Google claim that the tech giant has completely transferred its domain business to Squarespace, the site builder.

In June 2023, Google claimed that it was going to sell its domain business. For years, the service hosted 10 million domains and catered to millions of customers. Squarespace announced after the acquisition that it had “entered into an authoritative asset purchase contract with Google, wherein Squarespace will purchase the assets connected with the Google Domains business.”

Google Domains are sold to Squarespace

Back then, Google claimed that the decision was to improve focus. Officially, the domains were no longer available from September 7. However, no information was passed on to consumers via email or on the website. In contrast to this, users were redirected to the Squarespace website with the help of an affiliate link that can be used for registering a new one.

In addition to this, Google states that new domain registrations are not supported on Google any longer. Users can acquire them from Squarespace. Google Domains sold all domain registrations and associated customer accounts to Squarespace on September 7, 2023. Over the coming months, domains and customers will be transferred.

Users are concerned about the transition and the prices. When it comes to fees, the prices of Squarespace domains begin at $12/year. It is the same price charged by Google for an average domain. Furthermore, WordPress has a fresh offer for customers of Google Domains. Transfer fees won’t be implemented for the first one million users of Google Domains. The customers who take this offer will get a one-year extended registration for WordPress. Current users of WordPress.com can avail themselves of this offer.

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