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Play Store is set to receive several new features

Android users head to the Play Store to download games and apps. In order to improve the user experience, the company keeps adding new features. According to some recent pieces of information, a mysterious feature named Cubes was found in the Google Play Store. It is accompanied by several other features. Do notice that the Cubes feature is hidden inside the code, so there is a possibility that it might arrive or might not arrive in the app.

A mysterious Cube feature

According to the reports, there is not enough information to detail the exact function of the feature. Some code lines like enable_food_cube, enable_read_cube, enable_shopping_cube, enable_games_cube, enable_social_cube, and enable_watch_cube provide some insights about the new feature.

It seems like each cube will be specific to one particular app category. The rectangles could correspond to an app. It might help users discover different apps. The icons that are displayed in the widget match these app categories. Because of this, the widget may make it simple for you to access one of the cubes, and every one of them will provide a list of some suggested apps for that category. Well, these are all mere speculations, and nothing is official yet.

Some other features will be introduced to the Play Store

Among the new features, you can find the Download Buddy. Clicking on the Install button will showcase a bubble appearing on the side of the screen that will feature the progress of the download. This is quite good since users won’t be required to head back to the app’s page on and on.

Furthermore, the Play Store is going to improve app discovery with respect to a particular device. On the top of the screen, different chips will be provided. These chips will include a Phone chip, a Tablet chip, a Chromebook chip, and a Car chip. Clicking on the relevant chip will show the results so users will have access to device-compatible apps.  

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