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Stadia Discord Server goes offline today

Back in January, Stadia was closed down. However, its server was still online. With the Discord server, users could enjoy conversations regarding a product they adored. Sadly, the Stadia Discord server is set to go offline today. The tech company Google has already clarified in an official announcement that the Discord server will go offline. Just yesterday, the company shared a reminder in case someone forgot about the server going down on March 31.

Well, there may be some unofficial Discord servers. However, in this article, we are talking about the shutting down of the official Discord server that was run and controlled by Stadia employees. Stadia was gone a few months ago, and now its server is shutting down thus indicating that Stadia is truly gone now.

The Stadia Discord server goes down today

It is reported that at around 5 pm PST, the server will officially go offline. This information is in accordance with the message posted by DanFromGoogle. Well, users can discuss the service on the subreddit. Besides this, there could be several unofficial Stadia servers. Users can utilize them for communication purposes in case the user desires to stay in those communities.

Well, this is not something unexpected as it is quite obvious that there is no sense of an official server providing online services when the original service is gone. Of course, for some users, it was a great pleasure to use Stadia. But it’s now time to move on.