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Google’s latest Ads Transparency Center will let you explore ads

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While using the internet, we kept seeing various ads pop up on our screens. Sometimes these ads can be seen as being useful, and we like to search in them to get more information regarding them. Google is all set to launch its latest search hub, which will let you explore the ads that are appearing verified from Google advisers in Search and YouTube and have been in display for over 30 days.

Advertising transparency center

The company’s Advertising Safety Report, which was also made public today, prompted the creation of the service, known as the Ads Transparency Centre. According to that research, Google disabled or terminated more than 5.2 billion accounts in 2022 due to policy violations, a significant increase over the 3.4 billion accounts it blocked or removed in 2021. The number of suspended advertiser accounts increased to almost 6.7 million in 2022 from 5.6 million in 2021.

The Advertising Transparency Centre gives you a deeper look at those ads as opposed to My Ad Centre, which lets you control the kinds of ads you view. You may see the most recent date, the advertising that particular advertiser decided to run in various regions, and previous ads that particular advertiser has run, along with what the format of the ad might be.

The thought behind this latest feature is too obvious to you regarding the information about the ad. As if you were planning to buy something from that particular site or maybe planning to get a service from that source without moving in to the actual website of the company.

For instance, if you were thinking about purchasing a shirt you saw marketed, you might research the firm to check whether it was the same one you saw a few months prior promote trousers.

Do you want to test it? Once it’s accessible to you, you can either go directly to the Advertising Transparency Centre or use the My Ad Centre by clicking on the overflow menu (the three dots) next to any advertisement you see. Of course, you could simply disable ads on your Android device and stop worrying about all of this.

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