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Stadia receives the one last game from Google


It is just only a matter of a few more days before Stadia will be officially closed by Google. In 2022, the company announced that it will soon shut down its cloud gaming platform. This news was shocking since it just popped out of nowhere. Despite this decision by the company, the platform is receiving support for games. Recently, the company Google has come forward with a goodwill gesture for its loyal customers. This is going to be one last title from Google for Stadia lovers.

Google is going to introduce the Game ‘Worm Game’. According to a report from 9to5Google, the company has stated that Worm Game was one of the testing games that developers utilized for testing the Stadia platform. It has been in use since the official release of Stadia in 2019 till its demise in 2022. It is quite obvious that this game was never ever going to be released to the public. Since the game is quite unpolished.

Talking about the game is an advanced version of the standard Snake game that works in conjugation with gamepads and keyboards. It is presented with four various modes. These modes include a campaign, multiplayer, arcade, and a custom-level editor. However, the game has not received any recognition or awards. It can be simply used as a time-killer game. Since it will be gone too with the shutdown of Stadia by Wednesday midnight.

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