Starlink is testing the Global Roaming service

Starlink has come forward with a new internet connection plan. Reportedly, the plan is currently in the testing phase. The information suggests that the company promises the availability of internet connection almost anywhere on land in the world. The new internet plan can be accessed at the rate of $200 per month. Additionally, the Starlink kit satellite dish can be purchased by paying $599.

Starlink is a Space-X-owned company. It has something new in its offerings. Global Roaming by Starlink will utilize inter-satellite links to provide internet around the world. The company states that Global Roaming is a new technology. It will provide the users with low latency and high speeds. Where the internet could be presented with poor connection or none at all. The company states that poor connectivity or no internet condition will improve with time.

Moreover, the company has shed details about the payment. The company states that currently, the service can be accessed only in US dollars. So, if anybody accesses the Starlink kit outside the US, he will be bound to pay customs duties and import taxes. Moreover, the company notes that the Global Roaming services are “contingent on regulatory approvals.” It is a matter of concern since the company is awaiting regulatory approval from various countries.

The present Starlink RV plan is available for $135/€124. However, it has restrictions with the continents. Although the Starlink RV plan can be used abroad. Besides this, the Global Roaming service will cover more regions in contrast to the RV plan.