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Google now enables users to edit or add contacts from the Gmail sidebar


In late 2020, the tech company Google introduced Contacts to the Gmail sidebar. The Contacts feature enables users to have quick access to conversations and contacts. It was also provided with an edit button. Clicking on this button provides the access to contacts.google.com. in this way, users could complete the desired actions. It seems like the company is now going to simplify the overall process. Reportedly, the company is going to introduce a new feature that will enable consumers to edit contacts directly from the sidebar.

With the latest updates, users will be able to make immediate changes via the edit button. Now, they won’t be redirected to the Google Contacts web client. Just edit the required field i.e., name, email, company, phone number, date of birth, and more, and click on the Save button presented at the bottom of the sidebar.

Besides this, the users can now create new contacts from the right sidebar. A new button with the label ‘Create contact’ is presented at the top of the contacts list. When a user clicks on this button, a new window within the premises of the sidebar opens. Users can add all the relevant details and save the contact.  However, a new contact can’t be formed from the “In this thread” view.

In addition to this, users can now search for any name and add them to contacts. Open the search bar in the Contacts. Type the particular name you wish to save. The users will be presented with a  “Create contact” button. Clicking on this button will open a new window. The name will appear automatically in the respective field. Users can add additional information and save the contact.

The company has started rolling out the modifications for Contacts in Gmail or Google Workspace. The updates have been rolling out for the past few days. The company has mentioned in the official blog post that the feature is not bound to admin control. Moreover, the company stated that all users i.e., Workspace customers, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers, and users with personal Google Accounts are eligible for the latest update. The feature will arrive in a couple of weeks to all users.

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