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Starting this year, Motorola is fully embracing Gorilla Glass for its phones

Motorola is al set to improve the durability of its smartphones. The company announced at MWC 2024 event that later this year, it will begin using Corning Gorilla Glass on its smartphones. This implies that even their most affordable phones will have more resilience to scratches and drops. It is a nice improvement for anyone who has ever experienced a broken screen due to a small mishap.

Most of the high-end smartphones features Gorilla Glass protection. Is is less likely to be found on a mid-range smartphone. Motorola’s move to make changes guarantees that even their lowest-cost devices won’t feel like delicate little objects. There are no details on which version of Gorilla glass will be used. However, the company recently featured the Gorilla Glass 2 and the latest Gorilla Glass Victus 2 at an event.

Well, this is some good news for smartphone users. Furthermore, it also demonstrates Motorola’s commitment to providing high-quality products to all people, not just those with large incomes. Furthermore, since durability is a constant concern in the cutthroat smartphone industry, it might offer them a small advantage.

Besides this announcement, the company revealed a new software feature named Smart Connect. With the help of tool, Motorola and Lenovo devices can be conveniently connected to Lenovo PCs. In this way, users can users can share notifications and clipboard content, use their smartphone or tablet as a webcam or hotspot, and use the PC’s keyboard on both devices. Smart Connect is expected to arrive in the next few months.

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