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Super Mario Run breaks 40 million benchmark

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Nintendo launched Super Mario Run and the game has already made a hit. The game got a lot of downloads at the launch which was expected by the company. Super Mario Run managed to get over 40 million downloads during the first four days on the App Store. This breaks records for Apple’s mobile software shop. Third party estimates pointed out that the new game was on the right track to topple over Pokemon Go. The download numbers stand true to the claim.

The press release by Nintendo states that Super Mario Run is among the top 10 ranking for best grossing games in 100 different markets. The game also ranks top in the “free” chart of the App Store in 140 different global markets. In total there are 150 total global markets available.

Super Mario offers a lot in initial purchase

Another source on the record breaking of the app is Apple SVP of marketing, Phil Schiller. He is quoted saying that the game in fact did break the record for App Store downloads during the initial few days of its availability.

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The release notes that Nintendo is making it easier for users to enjoy all modes as much as possible after the initial purchase. The new recent feature allows users to run head to head with their friends without using tickets. Tickets are usually required for the Toad Rally Mode. The toad rally mode pits players against one another but with nothing at stake. So when you’re racing against a friend, users select to impress an audience of toads. However, there is no winning or losing toads for the kingdom. The mode has the limit of racing one friendly run a day if you have not cleared the World 1. If you have cleared the first world then you are allowed to run three races in a day.

The game will release for Android users in the start of 2017.

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