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Surface Duo 2 foldable Tablet Wifi Only Version

Apparently, in addition to the “normal” version of the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft wanted to offer an edition that would have done without the integrated mobile modem. In the end, this probably cheaper variant was of course scrapped. Windows inventor Gustave Monce posted a screenshot on Twitter that contains a code snippet from Microsoft’s open-source kernel for the Surface Duo 2. It’s easily accessible on GitHub, so the information comes from an official, freely accessible source.

WLAN version as an expensive dual-screen tablet for home use?

Monce found a mention of an early prototype of the Surface Duo 2 that apparently doesn’t have 4G or 5G support. Instead, it explicitly mentions a Wi-Fi variant, which was probably in the works in parallel with the otherwise identical version with full support for mobile phones.

The platform was the same for the Wi-Fi-only model, so it used the Snapdragon 888 (SM8350) codenamed “Lahaina”. Accordingly, only a simple factory shutdown of the cellular modems in the Qualcomm SoC was apparently intended. In the end, however, Microsoft decided to forgo a Wi-Fi-only version of the Surface Duo 2.

The hybrid smartphone/tablet, with its two hinged screens, would probably be even harder to sell without an available mobile option, as it is ultimately only an expensive, foldable tablet. The Microsoft Surface Duo2 was launched in 2021 and, in addition to the Snapdragon 888, offers two 5.8 inches (approx. 15 cm) screens, each with 1892 x 1344 pixels, a good 4400 mAh battery, and one of three sensors, each with 12 and 16-megapixel camera module. It runs on Android 11 and has a Microsoft custom interface. It originally went on sale for 1,899 euros but is now sold for “only” 899 euros.

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