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Surface Duo 3: Microsoft is working on the next foldable

According to a media report, Microsoft is currently working on the next generation of dual screen phones called “Surface Duo 3“. The focus for this update is therefore on durability, as this is still a problem with foldable smartphones. This comes from a report by the Online magazine WindowsLatest.

The new rumors about the Surface Duo 3 are mainly based on a patent application from the group. Microsoft has now filed a new patent that “FOLDABLE DISPLAY DEVICE“, or foldable display device. The patent application shows clear differences from the previous designs of the Surface Duo smartphones. It seems that this time Microsoft is trying to use a single display, which is folded in the middle.

Use of stretchable material

The patent drawings reveal a dual-screen foldable device that uses a single foldable screen. Microsoft also mentions a “one-piece back cover” that appears to use a stretchy material, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The main advantage would be that this new design does not take up too much space in the foldable phone case. Microsoft could thus build the next generation of its foldable Android smartphones considerably slimmer.

In addition, this design could provide a great advantage in terms of the durability of the connection between the two folding pages. A precondition for this is of course that Microsoft has already developed a good combination of materials for the flexible covers and display connections. This would make the new device less likely to break and the connections between the screens are better protected. Interestingly enough, Microsoft also talks about a foldable device that can be folded 360 degrees in the patent application.

Surface Duo 3 patent

The patented Surface Duo 3 uses folding glass with a back panel that has “back panel slots” that allow it to fold while avoiding mechanical creases. As Microsoft has repeatedly emphasized that with the restructuring in the teams, they now want to get stronger from Android focus, there is a good chance that this device will be realized.