Instagram: Now has two step authentication

two step authentication

After Whatsapp enabled the two step authentication element, Instagram is onboard with it as well. The latest in social media networking website allowed users to have two step authentication. It is a valuable security feature that helps in protecting the user account from being compromised due to phishing or password reuse.

Two step authentication allows more security. The user can and should opt for clicking on the setting icons in the top right of the profile. From there you will hit the two factor authentication button menu which will enable it asking for a security code.

If you enable the security measure then the app will text a six digit code to the user phone. This will happen every time they login to the service. This very simple security measure provides an added layer of protection against accounts. It prevents hacking by attackers and those who manage to steal user credentials. The security layer allows more protection to your public or private accounts.

Two step authentication allows a more secure layer

Now that Instagram has join the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others in offering security we can assume that the app is working towards more privacy protection issues. Two factor is not the cure against hackers but it will make it very hard for someone to illicitly hack into your account.  If you enable two step authentication then it becomes hard for someone to access your phone and will have to take extraordinary spoofing or stealing steps like stealing your SIM card. In case you’re one of the people who share or store sensitive images on Instagram in your private feed or direct messages, you might need this feature enabled.

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Another cool feature added by Instagram revolves around sensitive images. You can blur and flag mature content on social media app. There is a review team that screens out any videos or pictures that users report as inappropriate or sensitive for Instagram. The team then determines whether or not they need a filter to hide underneath. You can likely assume that it is an opaque plastic sheet that comes on fruits while you’re out grocery shopping. Tapping the image reveals whatever it is underneath.

Image via Instagram