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TAPS gloves might make an awesome Christmas Gift

TAPS gloves

Winters are here and that means gloves season is in town. It has started snowing heavily, in some parts of the world already. Gloves are really nifty and keep hands warm from the dreaded cold but there is a drawback to them in our era of digital advancement. When wearing gloves it becomes hard to unlock touch phones or use them. Since, our phones are programmed on haptic and tactile feedback they do not recognize clothing. Touch screens are made to respond to carbon. Since, basically that is what constitutes our main body structure along with proteins. Luckily, TAPS has come up with the solution to this problem by making TAPS gloves. They have a sticker with the unique fingerprint that would make unlocking phones easy. Basically, for your touch phone which is secured by finger print.

TAPS gloves are made of adhesive material and are warm

The kickstarter campaign by TAPS offers touch ID compatibility and is waterproof. TAPS gloves have an original sticker in them which are one of a kind fingerprint imitation, even if the TAPS gloves are bought in bundle each pair will have original fingerprints. The gloves stick to hand by adhesive conductive material. Rather than spending money on gloves specifically made for touch screens-which are expensive. It adds compatibility to the ones that users already own.

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The gloves are only $8 a pair and the kickstarter campaign has 16 days left before the products start shipment. This makes an awesome Christmas gift as well.

Since, the adhesive material imitates fingerprints this can mean that if you’re gloves are lost then they can be used in other scenarios. Finger prints are crucial so that is one aspect to keep in mind while purchasing these. The idea of losing your fingerprints is not that secure and the only possible solution to this dilemma till now is to not lose your TAPS gloves.

Image via TAPS kickstarter