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Technology Would Let You Text Smell To Your Friend—Soon

Do you still doubt technology? Few decades back people were also arguing that technology cannot be intelligent; intelligence is the quality which cannot be imputed in computers.

But now you can see around some intelligent software, apps and computers. Google home and Amazon Echo are the examples of intelligent machines. Machine learning is becoming top priority for Tech sector and they focus on developing products which have some sort of Artificial Intelligence. Self-driving cars are the next big milestone in the tech landscape to achieve and it’s underway. 

Still not believing it that the aroma can be sent down through text? Do you still doubt the power of computing and Artificial intelligence?

Let’s take a tour

Professor in Harvard University has developed a device which can send photos and scents of various things. The device is named oPhone which has 32 basic scents you may use to create more scents up to 300,000 unique aromas, the website oPhone claims.

These scents can be sent your friends and loved ones, these scents are called oNotes and the app through which these notes are sent are called oSnap.

This is going to be reality now; in the featured image you can see how an oPhone would look like and how you will be able to smell it.

On June, 17 Edwards successfully sent the first ever transatlantic scent from his oPhone in New York to a colleague in Paris.

Vapor communications the creator of oPhone said, “oPhone is aiming at sending scent messaging to mobile users where aroma really matters. It might be used later for online marketing of aromatic content, for health or for food”.

Important to mention that to send aroma and receive scent and actually smell it, it is mandatory to have oPhone, once both sides; sender and receiver have the oPhone they can send and receive scents.


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