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Telegram update: Premium plan, autosave to the gallery, better bots, and more

The latest Telegram update brings with it a large number of new features, among which we must highlight its payment plan, join requests for public groups, or improvements in chat preview.

Telegram is in luck since the social network created by the Durov brothers has just reached the 700 million active users worldwide, and to celebrate it, it has just released an update that includes its Premium plan, which was made official a few days ago, and other improvements for all users such as autosave to the gallery, better bots and much more. Via a post on his official blogTelegram has announced all the news of this new update which we will detail below. The latest Telegram update includes its Premium version and many other new features that reach all users.

Telegram Premium

The Telegram Premium plan is now a reality. Without a doubt, the great novelty of this update is the arrival of Telegram Premium, the paid subscription of the messaging client that has a cost of 5.49 euros per month and that includes a wide variety of benefits among which we must highlight the following:

  • Upload media files up to 4GB
  • faster downloads
  • Increased limits in the app: you can follow up to 1,000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, pin 10 chats to the main list and save up to 10 favorite stickers
  • Elimination of advertising on public channels
  • Converting voice messages to text without using any bot
  • unique stickers
  • Exclusive reactions
  • Advanced chat management that will allow you to change the default folder when opening the app
  • Animated profile photos
  • Premium badges for all paid plan subscribers
  • New exclusive icons

Join requests for public groups

In addition to the arrival of the Premium version, Telegram has also updated its platform with interesting news for the rest of the app’s users, and one of the most notable has to do with public groups since now their administrators can activate join requests, a functionality that will allow you to review the users who want to join your group before allowing them to write in the group. So, when a user requests to join a group, he enters a waiting list that can only be accessed by the administrator of the said public group and this will be able to initiate a private chat with the said user to verify that it will comply with the rules.

Verified chats

Just like on Twitter with verified accounts, public figures and organizations can display in their Telegram groups, channels, and bots. a verification badge to show its users that the information provided comes from reliable sources. Well, now this badge, in addition to being shown on profiles, will also be displayed in the chat header.

Bot improvements

Another novelty that comes with this update for all users affects bots since now their creators can include a photo or video in the section What can this bot do? to publicize all its functions in a clear and precise way.

Android chat preview improvements

This update also includes a number of improvements to the chat preview on Android, which they were already in the version of Telegram for iOS.So now you can scroll through a conversation to see the entire chat without marking it as read, in addition, in this preview some new buttons are also incorporated that will allow you to mark the chat as read, mute, pin, or delete it.

Autosave to gallery

This new version of Telegram also includes a novelty thanks to which you can Automatically save the multimedia content that you receive through chats, groups, and channels in the gallery of your Android mobile. This new option will be available within the section Data and storage and, as you can see in the image that we leave you on these lines, it will allow you to turn this feature on or off, separately, in individual chats, groups, and channels

Other news

In addition to all of the above, the new version of Telegram also brings a new progress bar in the iOS app when you share content from another app and a new animated profile picture maker in the macOS version. The latest version of Telegram is available for download through the main application stores and for those who already have the app installed, you can update to its latest version today.