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Tesla Car Owners in Norway Go On Hunger Strike

The American automaker has a fanatical following, so Tesla topics are discussed intensively and emotionally. In Norway, several owners have gone on hunger strikes to draw attention to problems. But there is a but. Anyone who resorts or has to resort to a hunger strike is undoubtedly in serious trouble. Normally, political and social problems are signaled in this way.

Car owners, meanwhile, rarely go on hunger strikes, but there is always a first time. Because how? Electrek reported several Tesla owners in Norway have joined forces to draw attention to a number of vehicles and force the electric car maker into action — at least that’s the official statement. In short, Norway is the electromobility country par excellence: because the Scandinavian state is a leader in the switch to electric vehicles, it is also the largest per capita market for Tesla.

However, this also created problems in Norway, as the infrastructure could not grow as quickly, forcing Tesla owners there to live with significant service wait times. The latter has been known for years and Elon Musk has also promised to take on the case.

Lawsuit against Tesla

In addition, with the help of a consumer organization, Tesla owners sued the manufacturer for pinching and won, thousands of owners have been awarded $16,000 in damages. Now there are new problems with the hunger strike. The Tesla owners list on one website There are numerous problems, many of which are related to the weather conditions, for example, the cars not starting in the winter (as well as when it is hot). However, in many cases, these are long-known issues that have already been addressed.

However, Electrek did find a link on the site to a third-party legal service that would help customers or car owners “seek compensation when affected by errors, fraud, and problems”. Electrek, therefore, said: “It appears that the ‘hunger strike’ is a marketing ploy to entice Tesla owners to use their services in this matter and possibly sign up for other class action lawsuits against Tesla.”

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