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Tesla takes action against videos of FSD running over dummy children

Recently, a man named Dan O’Dowd released a video claiming that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) is driving over kids or their dummies at full speed. However, there are doubts, the video was probably manipulated. Now Tesla is also responding. Tesla’s FSD, or the self-driving function of Elon Musk’s electric car maker, is certainly not perfect yet and the system can and should be criticized.

But you have to be honest about it and in the case of The Dawn Project, you can have some doubts about that. Because billionaire Dan O’Dowd’s initiative, which has committed to banning dangerous software, likely cheated with alleged evidence that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving runs over children.

Tesla is suing

Because analyzes by journalists have shown that fraud has probably been used here and that FSD was not activated at all during the conducted or documented test drives. This is now also calling Tesla’s legal department into action: As the Washington Post reports, Tesla has issued a notice of termination against the video and is trying to prevent it from being distributed. Dawn Project: Tesla’s fully self-driving car runs over children

O’Dowd thinks computers have too much power, especially in road traffic: “We have a lot to do with entrusting computers with things that the lives of millions of people depend on: self-driving cars are one of those things.” However, there are some doubts or discrepancies about the person O’Dowd: Because he is the founder and boss of Green Hills Software, the company produces operating systems for airplanes and cars.

It can therefore certainly be seen as a competitor of Tesla. O’Dowd, however, was unimpressed by the striking statement. In a tweet, he writes that “master con man Musk” wants to sue him. The Tesla boss is a “coward” and “just a crybaby hiding behind his lawyer’s skirt.”

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