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Tesla finally opens pre-orders for its electric tractor-trailer


We didn’t believe it anymore, but it’s official. After several postponements since its first presentation in 2017, the Tesla Semi is finally available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website. For now, only American, Dutch and British buyers can position themselves.

Remember that in November 2017, Elon Musk unveiled these upcoming products for years to come. These include the Cybertruck, a pick-up with a futuristic design straight from Blade Runner, but also the Tesla Semi, the manufacturer’s first 100% electric semi-trailer. Since then, the years have passed and the Tesla Semi has been particularly discreet. Production was originally supposed to start in 2021, but as you might expect, a certain global Covid-19 pandemic has turned Elon Musk’s plans upside down. Fact, the start of production was postponed to a later date.

Due to the shortage of electronic components, the American brand was forced to postpone the launch of certain products until 2023. This is especially the case with the Cybertruck, for example. Worse, Tesla preferred to suspend orders for the Cybertruck in Europe and China in particular. For Tesla it is important to honor the many orders first. Remember, the Cybertruck already had 1.2 million reservations in August 2021! Credits: Tesla

The Tesla Semi is finally available for pre-order!

With regard to the Tesla Semi, on the other hand, the manufacturer was rather frugal with information. But to everyone’s surprise Tesla has just announced the opening of pre-orders of the Tesla Semi in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands The special Tesla Semi page has just been updated on the official website of the brand.

As Elon Musk had indicated, the Tesla Semi will indeed be offered in two variants, one of which with display 482 kilometers autonomy and the other 800 kilometers. The 1st model will trade $150,000 eachwhile the second is displayed on $180,000 the unit. At this time, no delivery date has been communicated by Tesla.

On the other hand, interested users (the Tesla Semi is mainly intended for companies in need of road transport) can pay a $5,000 first deposit (refundable in case of withdrawal). You then have to pay additional $15,000 within ten days to definitively validate your reservation. That’s a total of $20,000 for the pre-order. Note that it will take logically add $20,000 for every pre-order of an additional Tesla Semiin case companies want to modernize their entire fleet of trailers.

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