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Tesla Model Y: Deliveries Canceled Due To Failure In Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla Model Ys assembled at Elon Musk’s Gigafactory in Berlin are currently experiencing major delivery problems. The reason is simple and concerns malfunctions of the rear engine of the American manufacturer’s racing car.

Surely, You are here and still can’t keep his head above water. And the problems are piling up for the Elon Musk firm. After two years of significant difficulties to tame and while Tesla is on the brink of financial ruin, his Berlin-made Model Ys, in turn, are experiencing malfunctions. Here would come the problem of the rear engine of the American electric SUV.

For example, customers who have placed an order with the American car manufacturer find that their delivery is delayed or even just canceled The information is to be taken seriously and comes straight from a popular German forum called Tesla Drivers and Friends. According to this forum, deliveries would be delayed due to a malfunction in the rear motor of the Tesla Model Y, manufactured at the Berlin GigaFactory. And when Tesla simply announces that the problem is related to “a security flaw that a software update can’t fix”, there’s no need to link it to the engine problem cited by the users of this same forum.

Tesla Model Y buyers see their orders delayed or even canceled

Last April, the same issue also affected several Tesla Model 3s assembled in China. Tesla quickly solved the problem, but this time the matter is much more complicated to realize with the Model Y Berliners. No software updates cannot solve the problem and spare parts are not available on the Giga Berlin site. This explains this long delay that is forming. Worse, some cars that have already shipped would suffer from this problem.

For example, a Norwegian buyer recently reported that his Tesla Model Y – just 3 years old – was now uncontrollable. For now, it is impossible to know how many Tesla Model Ys will be affected by the problem, and the US company claims to be able to recover the spare parts from mid-July. While Model Y production at GigaBerlin’s site has increased to 1,000 cars per week, this engine failure will significantly negatively impact production. Another bad news for Tesla is already greatly weakened by the covid crisis or the fall of Bitcoin.