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Benefits Of Using Telegram Premium

Discover each and every one of the advantages that Telegram Premium includes.

Telegram is the messaging application that has grown in recent years both in functions and in the number of users but this has caused that in order to maintain their servers they need an economic injection and the modality that the Durov brothers have chosen to finance their platform is a paid subscription called Telegram Premium which has a cost of 5 euros per month and includes a series of exclusive advantages.

As regular users of Telegram we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to test the new functions of the messaging client, so we have subscribed to Telegram Premium to be able to tell you, first-hand, everything included in the Telegram payment plan. We tell you everything you need to know about Telegram Premium, the paid version of the Durov brothers’ messaging client.

  • These are all the benefits of Telegram Premium
  • How to pay less for Telegram Premium

These are all the benefits of Telegram Premium

A badge so that everyone knows that you are “premium”

The first thing you can appreciate as soon as you subscribe to Telegram Premium is that your profile appears with a star next to the name that identifies you as a premium user. This badge will not only be seen by you but also by the rest of the users who follow you who when clicking on it will see the advantages of the Premium plan and a button to subscribe.

Three new icons for the Telegram app

In addition to the badge that identifies you as a Telegram Premium user, the paid version of the messaging client also includes three new and exclusive icons for the app:

  • one in the form of a star with a purple background
  • other with the Telegram logo powered by a rocket with a blue background
  • The last one with the classic Telegram logo with a starry night background

To customize the Telegram app icon with one of these three icons, you simply have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Telegram app on your Android mobile
  • Click on the menu button located in the upper left corner of the application
  • Access the section Settings
  • Click on the option chat
  • Scroll down until you see the section app icon
  • Move the icons to the left so they are exposed to the three new ones: Premium, Turbo, and Night
  • Select the icon that you like the most and a message will immediately appear confirming that it is already applied

New file upload limit of 4 GB

WhatsApp recently decided to increase its file upload limit from 100 MB to the 2GB that Telegram already had for a long time, for this reason, another advantage of Telegram Premium is that doubles the limit of the size of the files that you can upload to the platform, being established at 4 GB. This is a really useful function for sharing photos, videos, or files between the computer and the mobile or vice versa. But this is not the only limit that is doubled with the Premium plan, since you will also be able to join 1,000 groups, pin 10 chats to the top save 400 GIFs, have 10 favorite stickers or create 20 folders with 200 chats in each oneamong other options.

Speech-to-text transcription

Another of the most outstanding and useful improvements of the Premium version of Telegram is a new function that is responsible for automatically transcribing any voicemail you receive to text. So, every time you receive a voice message, it will appear a button to the right of it with the letter A and pressing it will transcribe it to text and it will show you just below the audio. Of course, the longer the audio, the longer it will take for the messaging client to transcribe it.

Advanced management of your chat list

Telegram Premium also includes tools for better managing and organizing your chat list which allow you, for example, to change the chat folder that is displayed when you open the application and thus replace the folder All for the folder Not read as default. To change the default folder in Telegram you just have to perform the following actions:

  • Open the Telegram app on your smartphone
  • Make a long press on the folder you want to move
  • Click on the button reorder
  • Drag the folder to the first position
  • Click on the button Clever

Another of the new functions to manage the chats included in the Premium plan is an option that allows you to automatically archive and mute all new chats of people who are not in your contacts in order to keep them more organized. To activate this function you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Telegram app on your mobile
  • Click on the menu button located in the upper left corner of the application
  • Access the section Settings
  • Once inside, enter the section Privacy & Security
  • Scroll down to the section New stranger chats
  • Click on the switch that appears to the right of the option Archive and mute

Other improvements included in Telegram Premium

In addition to the novelties that we have just commented on, Telegram Premium also includes other improvements which we will detail below:

  • faster downloads
  • Removal of ads on public channels
  • exclusive stickers
  • Exclusive reactions
  • Animated profile photos

How to pay less for Telegram Premium

The official price of Telegram Premium in EU is 5.49 euros per month long as you activate this paid subscription from the Telegram application downloaded from the Google Play Store, but there is a little trick with which you can reduce the cost to 3.99 euros per month. To pay less than 4 euros per month for Telegram Premium you just have to carry out a few simple actions:

  • Open the Telegram app on your Android mobile
  • Join the TG Files channel
  • Download the latest version of Telegram Beta for Android and install it on your smartphone
  • Access the Settings from Telegram Beta
  • Click on the option Telegram Premium
  • Click on the button Subscribe for 3.99 euros per month that appear at the bottom

Once this is done, you can now uninstall the version of Telegram from the Play Store, since the variant you just installed will be automatically updated by the messaging platform itself.

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