Tesla Production And Delivery Numbers Make Best-Ever First Quarter

A US-based electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla has announced a record-breaking quarter for the company when it comes to the production and delivery of the vehicle.

As per the details shared by the company, the vehicle manufacturer produced 102,672 vehicles and delivered 88,400 during the period of the first quarter of the current year 2020 ending on March 31st. The automaker called these results its “best ever first-quarter performance.”

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Tesla also said that the final delivery figures of the company could be even higher, since it only counts a car as delivered if it’s already transferred to the customer and all paperwork is correct.

Tesla, however, didn’t break the numbers down per model, but it said that the company manufactured 15,390 and delivered 12,200 Model S and X vehicles during the first quarter of 2020. The company further said that it has produced 87,282 and delivered 76,200 units of the two models 3 and Y.

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