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Tesla recalls 130,000 cars because of touchscreen CPUs overheating

Special about Tesla is the huge screen in the center console. This is not only chic and practical but also essential. Because practically all functions of the car are controlled via this interface. And that is also the reason for an extensive recall. Touchscreens have long been standard in modern cars, but no manufacturer has implemented them as consistently as Tesla.

In Model 3, for example, there is only the center touchscreen, which is also used for all car interactions and settings. So it is very problematic when such a display refuses to work. But that was the case with many Teslas because the electric car manufacturer has now officially had to recall 130,000 vehicles. Like the news agency Associated Press reported, covers 2021 and 2022 U.S. Model S and Model X vehicles, as well as Model 3 and Model Y cars produced this year.

CPU overheating

The reason for the recall is the overheating of the infotainment system. This can happen during fast charging, after which the touchscreens can malfunction or fail completely. The CPU is responsible for this because it develops too high a temperature under these conditions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) citation states: “During fast charging or preparing for fast charging, the infotainment system’s central processing unit (“CPU”) may not cool down enough to avoid higher than expected temperatures, which could cause the CPU to slow down or reboot.”

This can lead to serious problems because it prevents the center screen from displaying the rearview camera image, gear selection, windshield control settings, and hazard warning lights, increasing the risk of an accident, the NHTSA said. Incidentally, the recall does not mean that all vehicles have to go to the workshop: Tesla hopes to be able to solve the problem with a software update.