Tesla’s Cyber Truck Preorders Reaches Record $40 Billion


Tesla’s futuristic pickup truck Cybertruck was officially unveiled last fall and has been the subject of discussion from the very first minute. This is of course due to the extraordinary look. The pre-orders are still going well.

The Tesla Cybertruck can currently be pre-ordered and although it is not yet clear when production will start or when the vehicle will actually arrive at the first owners, the demand is enormous. Because the electric car manufacturer is currently planning to start production in the fourth quarter of 2021, but whether this deadline can be met is still in the stars. In addition, there are still various open questions, especially regarding approval in Europe. Because experts doubt whether the cybertruck in its current angular form should even be on the road on German and European roads.

The enthusiasm for the cyber truck does not diminish, because the interest in the Tesla pickup continues unabated. Like the earlier report, the Cybertruck currently has 650,000 pre-orders. However, the renowned electromobility blog warns of exuberant or blind enthusiasm for these numbers.

Pre-ordering is not a purchase

Because Tesla is known for receiving large quantities of pre-orders shortly after launching a new car. The “fall” Cybertruck is nevertheless remarkable, because this trend continues here as well – with earlier models, the preorder declined relatively quickly. The Cybertruck would sell 650,000 cars worth around $40 billion. However, it is highly doubtful whether Tesla will actually sell this number. Because a reservation can be made for a fee of $ 100 or euros, you can get this amount back if you decide otherwise.

Electrek predicts that even at a 20 percent conversion rate, Tesla would have to produce more than 130,000 cybertrucks and generate $ 8 billion in revenue. However, it would take the manufacturer between two and three years to reach these numbers. The vehicle is certainly a success even if you don’t manage the 20 percent. But it is up to Tesla to deliver – in several ways.