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The 10 best Android games that support cross-play

Games that support cross-play are common on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, but mobile gamers can often feel left out. Controls suited for console and PC games often don’t translate well to mobile. You can buy gaming peripherals, but these are often bulky and inconvenient to carry around. (When we asked Android Police readers how they play mobile games, only 9% said that they use an external device to play games, compared to the 38% who just use the touchscreen.)
But even with these issues, there are plenty of fantastic cross-play games available on Android. These great Android games won’t require you to buy any fancy peripherals and were designed with cross-play in mind. We’ve compiled a list of the top ones across all genres, so read on to find out the top 10 cross-play games for Android.

The Games

Teamfight Tactics

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Mac

One of the best auto-chess games available, Riot’s spin-off of League of Legends is a great competitive experience. You’ll complete in an eight-player free-for-all to see who can build, position, and manage a group of characters and bring them to victory. The mechanics are easy to learn, and each match is completely different, encouraging you to try out different strategies. The variety of items and characters means you’ll be desperate for another game as soon as the first is over.
Note that text chat is unavailable for mobile users, so you won’t be able to communicate with other players in-game.

Old School RuneScape

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

My favorite cross-play game on this list, Old School RuneScape genuinely surprised me when I first downloaded it. Jagex cut no corners when developing this mobile port of the famous MMO, and it shows. The controls are well-designed, and the mobile version isn’t missing any desktop features.
Players looking to pick up a new MMO should make this their first call. It’s dead simple to learn, and the smooth mobile port can be quickly started up while on the go. Even if you’re an Old School RuneScape veteran on a computer, we recommend giving this mobile version a go. Accounts are synced across platforms, so you can pick up where you left off at any time.


Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

It might seem odd to have RuneScape twice on this list, but as seasoned players know, RuneScape is a completely different beast than its Old School buddy. Old School RuneScape builds off the 2012 version of the game, but RuneScape is packed with over a decade of new features and updates. Players looking for an MMO that’s constantly evolving have to give this a go. Just as with Old School, Jagex has carefully thought about this port, resulting in a smooth and well-engineered experience that’s as fun to play on mobile as it is on desktop.

Ticket to Ride

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows (Steam), Mac, Playstation.

Ticket To Ride is one of the simplest, yet most rewarding, family-friendly board games available. Its digital counterpart provides the same experience, with an exceptionally smooth multiplayer. The ability to cross-play on nearly any platform is a huge boon, with only Xbox players left out of this party. If you’re looking for a great digital board game that’s suitable for all ages, this is your best bet.

Genshin Impact

Platforms: Android, iOS, Playstation

An expansive open world, endless hours of gameplay, and beautiful graphics make Genshin Impact one of the most rewarding free games for Android. While monetization and grindy gameplay are unfortunate features of this game, don’t let that dissuade you. The quality is far beyond what most people expect from a free game. It offers careful writing, fleshed-out characters, and smooth combat mechanics. To join your friends, simply log into the server they’re on, and you are good to go.

​​​Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Playstation, Nintendo Switch

Minecraft has come a long way since its inception, churning out updates every year with no sign of stopping. Perfect for creative and hardcore gamers alike, Minecraft gives you all the tools you need to turn your imagination into reality. Multiplayer is the best way to experience Minecraft, allowing you to adventure, build, and fight with all your friends.
Be aware that you won’t be able to play with Minecraft Java Edition owners. That version is only available on PC and, while it offers similar features, it doesn’t have the same cross-play compatibilities as Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Among Us

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch

The whodunit game that skyrocketed in popularity in 2020 remains just as fun today. Each game has 4-15 players, each assigned with completing a set of tasks. However, one “imposter” is tasked with killing everyone else. The game asks you complete your tasks while identifying the imposter.
As an exclusively multiplayer experience, its extensive cross-play support helps keep it popular. Even better, the mobile version is free, making this the best possible place to snag it if you’re on a budget.


Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Switch

Fans of platform-fighting games have to give this a go. A great alternative to Super Smash Bros, Brawlhalla boasts an approachable play style that’s accessible to anyone. Impressively, the developers have managed the rare trick of providing an equal experience across all platforms, a difficult task for a fast-paced PVP game. There is a significant amount of content locked behind a paywall, but the core gameplay remains completely free.

Battle for Wesnoth

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

One of the most underrated turn-based strategy games available, Battle for Wesnoth takes place in a traditional fantasy world populated by elves, orcs, dwarves, trolls, and dragons. While the premise might seem underwhelming, Battle for Wesnoth’s strength lies in the depth of its story and rewarding gameplay.
Each map consists of beautiful hexagon tiles, and attaining victory requires a careful mix of resource management and strategy. Unlike many mobile ports, Battle for Wesnoth has an extensive modding community that is accessible straight from the main menu, giving you endless hours of gameplay.


Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Hearthstone’s success lies in its beautifully simple gameplay. The standard game mode follows a straightforward gameplay loop: Players take turns deploying minions and casting spells to reduce their opponent’s health to zero.
After years of updates, each providing new cards and mechanics, Hearthstone can appear overwhelming–but Blizzard keeps it from getting bloated with fun alternative game modes and accessible casual play.

While these are the top cross-play games available on Android, there are plenty more available. Games that can connect across multiple platforms are slowly becoming more commonplace, so check if your favorite desktop or console game is available on Android. You might be surprised by how many developers bridge the platform gap.

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