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The Best Looking Apple Watch Faces In 2021

When it comes to personalising and customising your Apple Watch face, the display you choose is crucial. It should match your own style, present the facts you care about, and look nice. While Apple does not accept third-party watch faces on the Apple Watch, it does have a rather extensive library of its own. So, here are some of the best-looking Apple Watch faces to look at.


Portraits are the only new watch face in watchOS 8 so yet, but it’s a great one (and loads of fun). You may use any portrait mode picture as your watch face backdrop with this new Apple Watch face. 

You may also choose between two complications: one in the centre and one at the bottom. The great part about this face is how it displays your photographs. On the Apple Watch, you get a fantastic 3D effect with perspective movements. 

You can also spin the digital crown to bring the subject of the picture forward, which is a neat feature. This is without a doubt my favourite new Apple Watch face, and our linked article will teach you how to install Portrait watch faces on your Apple Watch.


This is great for more formal situations when the Infographic watch face would be out of place.

This watch face puts the essentials front and centre, and it looks great. You get the time, of course, as well as a variety of dial-marker choices, including Devanagari if you prefer Hindi numbers.

With the watch face, you may go full-screen or circular. We like full-screen mode since it allows me to access two complexities. If you choose circular, on the other hand, you’ll receive four additional complications on each corner of the watch face. So, if you want more information on your wrist, that’s an option.

Another feature of this watch face that we appreciate is that it features one of the best-looking Always-on-Displays of any Apple Watch face.

Fire/Water Watch Faces in Liquid Metal

Although they are technically different watch faces, they are essentially the same thing, with the exception of the elements utilised. Every time you touch the screen or wake your watch, these watch faces display amazing animations.

Apple captured the animations, and there are three watch faces to pick from water, fire, and liquid metal.

These are by far the most attractive Apple Watch faces available. The animations are very engaging to watch, and we suggest setting the dial form to full screen for a more immersive experience. If you desire complexities on the screen, however, a circular dial design is also an option.


As the name implies, this is the most basic watch face available, making it an excellent option for any minimalists reading this list.

The Simple face allows you to customise the dial style, so you may go totally minimalist with only the watch hands or add the hour markers.

Although the watch face has complexities, we recommend turning them all off and just keeping the date complication on for the cleanest, most basic Apple Watch appearance possible. Take a look at the image below.


The typograph watch face is another fun casual watch face for your Apple Watch. With this watch face, typography takes centre stage, as the name implies. You have three custom font styles to select from classic, contemporary, and rounded.

You may also choose whether you want to see just four digits on your watch face or all twelve, as well as the script you want to see them in. Personally, we love the default settings, but you may choose between Arabic, Arabic Indic, Devanagari, and Roman if you want.

Artist No. 15

The Artist watch face doesn’t provide much in the way of customization or even information (which is why it’s at the bottom of my list), but it’s still a fun face to wear.

Geoff McFetridge, an artist, collaborated on this one. So, what makes it unique? Every time you lift your wrist, the picture algorithmically changes. You may also alter the portrait’s design by tapping on the face. It’s really cool, and the always-on display looks nice as well.

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