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The calendar notification app keeps your agenda in a notification shade.

It is hard to remember all the tasks you have to do for the day, especially with a hectic routine. No worries, the calendar notification app is a very useful application that will add a calendar notification to your notification bar and can also act as a widget.

The calendar notification app keeps your agenda right next to your notification.

The application is perfectly designed and compatible with Android UIs. It may not work for every person, but it can really help you not to miss an important appointment. The best part is that you can easily be reminded of your next task when you are simply scrolling through your notifications.

The feature can be useful in many ways, especially while planning out your whole day. You can also set up the application according to your preferences. But some preferences are locked behind a paywall.

The app is free to use, but a lot of features require a one-time payment.

You can purchase a package that suits you best, such as a full-month planner, or a different combo with a one-time payment. The application offers a one-month free trial, but many features are locked behind a $4.99 paywall. Although it’s not like a subscription that you have to pay for every month, it’s just a one-time payment.

An icon can also be chosen to be kept in the status bar during the activation of calendar notifications. The app icon also comes with a variety of variations that you can set up according to your preferences.

By tapping on calendar notifications, you can choose the calendar app along with the application you want to open with. You can, for example, use calendar notifications in conjunction with this widget.

In both ways, the app is free to use with its basic features. The premium version of this app will be more convenient for long-term use because it will give you access to many more features.