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Some leaked information about the MIUI 14: Xiaomi’s new skin

Xiaomi was expected to introduce the MIUI 14 and the Xiaomi 13 series yesterday, but the company appears to opt for delaying the event. As of now, it looks like the MIUI 14 info has been dropped via an unofficial source.

Kacper Skrzypek is a MIUI Polska writer. Recently, a changelog appeared for the Chinese version of MIUI 14. It uncovered a series of updates and tweaks to the procedure. Given the new skin, Xiaomi assures an improved system architecture requiring less storage space, enhanced app performance, and a better gaming experience.

In addition to this, the company is offering various personalization options. These include icons for the Home screen. Like “plant or pet to always wait for you on the home screen,” and Super icons. It is assumed that the plant/pet feature is alike the Pixel Pals app for iOS. Where the Super icons appear analogous to extra large icons of Nothing OS. Some of the other personalization options include the new widget combos and home screen folders. Thus, enabling access to most-needed apps with just a single click.

Xiaomi is also supposedly advertising cross-device connectivity with updated features. These features involve:

  • taking a phone call on a Xiaomi tablet
  • pairing your earphones to your phone, tablet, or TV
  • automatic prompts for text entry on your phone when you enter text on your TV

Furthermore, the Chinese brand is working on the development of a suite of Family service features. this will enable the formation of a group of around eight people. Thus, allowing sharing of photo albums and health tracking data, as well as managing children’s accounts. Additionally, the Mi AI Assistant is now capable of filtering spam calls, translating languages, scanning real-world objects (e.g. plants) and documents, and more.

Moreover, a bunch of other notable features has also been mentioned as per the changelog. These include:

  • more advanced search functionality in settings
  • support for more wireless card readers
  • boosting connection speeds using mobile data when a Wi-Fi connection is too weak

As of now, no official take on the rollout of MIUI 14 has been declared yet, whether it is for the Chinese market or the global one. Though, some of the above-mentioned features may be accessible to Chinese consumers only. While some others could make their way across the Chinese consumers.

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