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The CEO of NVIDIA literally signs off on Samsung’s HBM3E memory solution

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently gave Samsung’s HBM3E 12H advanced memory chips high marks. He affirmed that, in light of the ongoing demand for its products, the company is testing these novel memory types for incorporation into its GPUs.

Because of how closely these two titans of business collaborate, Huang visited Samsung’s booth at the NVIDIA GTC 2024 conference and stamped his permission on the company’s newest high-bandwidth memory module.

Jense Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, endorses Samsung’s HBM3E

At the GTC 2024, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang paid a visit to Samsung and signed the display installation for the HBM3E 12H memory from Samsung. This week at NVIDIA’s conference, the company has been showcasing its high-bandwidth memory solution.

Han Jin-man, who is in charge of Samsung’s semiconductor and device solutions business in the Americas, posted a picture of Huang at the booth with his signature next to the HBM3E 12H product’s “JENSEN APPROVED” seal. Han wrote on LinkedIn, expressing his appreciation for Han’s visit to the booth and his satisfaction with his gesture of signing the HBM3E product.

This action has given rise to rumors in the industry that NVIDIA and Samsung are working together. Huang’s remarks from the day before, in which he expressed great admiration for Samsung’s HBM3E device, served to fuel those suspicions even further.

The CEO of NVIDIA personally visiting the booth is a significant gesture that emphasizes how much value NVIDIA places on its partnership with Samsung Electronics. NVIDIA is now testing Samsung’s HBM3E, an industry-first 12-layer stacked high-bandwidth memory, for validation.

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